South Korean internet service provider NHN has expanded its partnership with tech giant Google, reported The Korea Herald.

As agreed, NHN’s card-based payment services will be available on various Google offerings such as Google Play, YouTube and Google Drive.

Payco, NHN’s mobile payment solution, is already available on Google platforms.

The expansion of the partnership will enable Payco consumers to use their debit or credit cards to make purchases on Google’s platforms. Previously, subscribers were limited to use their membership points to make such transactions.

Additionally, the Payco subscribers can now use Google’s automatic payment service, reported the publication.

Overall, the user can register up to three payment methods in the service. It enables the subscriber to switch to another payment method if the previous one fails, without the need to enter all information manually.

A NHN official told The Korea Herald: “A variety of Payco’s convenient payment services will help improve the user experience on Google.”

Last month, Google launched Paysafe’s eCash solution paysafecard as a new payment option on the Google Play Store in six additional European countries.

Overall, Paysafe’s paysafecard is now accepted in Google Play Stores in sixteen countries. The card enables holders to use cash for online shopping without providing bank account or credit card information.