Miami taxi drivers have two years to install card machines in their cabs, after county commissioners voted in favour of a technology update.

Along with requiring cab drivers to accept cards, the commissioners have ordered them to install satellite navigation devices (GPS) and digital security cameras within the next six months.

Emilio González, director of the county’s aviation department, said: "We want to make sure that the process is transparent, is professional, is passenger friendly and gives Miami the best first look."

Only one commissioner voted against the changes – commissioner Jean Monestime said he was concerned drivers might have to foot the bill for the new technology.

Some of the county’s taxi drivers said they were disappointed with the vote, seeming to confirm commissioner Monestime’s fears.

Miguel Lantigua of the New Vision Drivers Association, said: "I’ll have to put more money out of my pocket to buy a new car, to buy everything that is going to be required."


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