CV Microelectronic of China has teamed up with Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) to develop China’s first biometric contactless smartcard reference.

Dubbed SecTouch, the card does not require a battery and integrates Fingerprints’ FPC1300 sensor that is claimed to have high biometric performance needed for contactless transactions.

Fingerprints additionally noted that the sensor features ultra-low power consumption.

According to the Swedish biometric company, consumers in the emerging Chinese payment cards market are seeking flexibility, more options and solutions compatible with mobile payments.

However, a market research conducted by Fingerprints in 2017 revealed that the consumers don’t use contactless cards as much as they want to, with 42% of them concerned about security.

The new card is expected to address this gap as fingerprint biometrics is considered to provide improved security when used with payment cards.

A statement from Fingerprint Cards read: “Just as fingerprint biometrics is a common way to authenticate mobile payments, it offers the same convenience and increased security when integrated in a payment card.

“Having a fingerprint sensor on a payment card to replace the PIN code is seen as the next logical step beyond mobile, and 67% of consumers in our China research find a biometric card appealing.”