London-based telecommunications company Vodafone has brought its NFC payment service SmartPass to the Netherlands, allowing customers to pay for goods and services with their smartphone.

Vodafone SmartPass is a prepaid payment service developed with Visa and working through a mobile phone application.

The service works with all contactless payment terminals with a V PAY logo in Europe.

Smartpass is also available in Spain and Germany, and should be extended to other countries, including Italy and the UK, later this year.

According to Vodafone, the new system is available at NS train stations, Schiphol airport, the Amsterdam Arena and at several retailers, including Lidl supermarkets and Ikea stores.

A near-field communication (NFC) Chip – included in NFC-enabled smartphones – allows contactless payments, by holding the mobile device close to the PIN terminal. A PIN code is needed for transactions over €25 ($34.33).

In the meantime, German company Payleven announced it will launch its own NFC mobile Chip & PIN service in Europe in the second half of 2014.

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