Visa has opened a new technology development center in Bangalore, India in a bid to accelerate digital commerce globally.

As part of the launch, Visa unveiled plans to launch its new mobile payment service, called mVisa, which will be tested this summer with merchants across the Bangalore region and with customers of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and SBI.

mVisa will be available to 20,000 merchants in the Bangalore region from September 2015. It will enable consumers can make cardless purchases, pay bills and send money to friends and family members, the company said.

Operating as part of Bagamne World Technology Center, the new 100,000 square feet technology center will house 1,000 developers.

Teams at the new centre will help application developers to access Visa’s 400 payment products and services to create their own payment experiences that can work across a wide range of connected devices.

Visa added that it is planning to add 2,000 full time employees to an already existing team of technologists who will work in development centers in India, Singapore and the US.

Visa CEO Charlie Scharf said: "Our new center in Bangalore, which complements others planned for Singapore and the U.S., will help Visa to accelerate the development of next generation payment solutions that enable secure, digital commerce through connected devices like mobile phones, PCs, tablets and even cars."

Visa EVP of technology Rajat Taneja said: "Today, as commerce shifts to digital environments where consumers can make secure purchases using mobile devices, it is critical that we open up Visa’s network and make it easier for developers globally to access our payment platform – making secure Visa payments a standard feature of mobile applications."