Visa has expanded its fintech Fast Track programme in Europe, which was designed to enable the next generation of fintechs to join Visa’s network and build digital commerce experiences.

As part of the expansion, Visa announced two new components of the programme. These were a Partner Toolkit to help fintechs accelerate growth, and a certification programme called Visa Ready for Fintech Enablers. Visa Ready’s aim is to make it easier for fintechs to connect with certified partners for digital issuance and other services.

Jana Lvova, head of fintech at Visa Europe, said: “It’s thrilling to see fintech partners utilise our programmes and network to digitise financial services and improve the lives of the consumers and businesses they touch.

“Through the Fast Track programme, we’re providing fintechs with a simple set of tools to bring their products to life. The resources we provide, such as online licensing and card design, have helped make Fast Track the leading programme for fintechs.”

Partner Toolkit and Visa Ready

Visa introduced the Fast Track partner Toolkit specifically for fintech partners who onboard with the programme. The toolkit aims to accelerate a company’s growth and provide access to Visa’s experts in strategy, marketing, design, and risk management, among others.

In addition, partners can also use the toolkit to leverage educational resources like payments boot camps to help upskill a company’s knowledge of the industry, tap into resources to craft customised benchmarking studies and utilise Visa’s online card design tools to help build and launch a card into market quickly.

Through Visa Ready, technology companies can build and launch payment solutions that meet Visa’s standards around security and functionality. According to Visa, by doing this, companies can help fintechs build their own products by providing the solutions and expertise they need to get up and running.

The move to expand the fintech programme comes soon after the payments giant launched Visa Partner Connect, an new initiative that aims to provide financial institutions and merchants in Europe with a suite of enhanced capabilities.