Twitter is set to introduce a new feature, called Twitter Offers, for advertisers and shoppers allowing the merchants to offer deals to consumers, which can be added to their credit card to redeem in stores or online.

Twitter Offers will allow users to select deals from their timeline through Twitter and redeem the offers offline for cash back savings by swiping their card.

The first time consumers will need to add their credit card information while claiming an offer which will be linked to the card with payment information encrypted and stored to make it easier to claim future deals.

The cash back offers will initially be available to the US users and will be extended to users across the globe later.

Nathan Hubbard, head of commerce at Twitter, said: "The appeal is to reach the millions of people expressing a demand in real time, and give them a way to claim an offer instead of just buy right now."

Tarun Jain, group product manager at Twitter added in a blog post: "Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the consumer purchase process, no employee training and no new hardware or software to install."