Tuxedo Money Solutions, a UK-based provider of payment technology and prepaid cards, has rolled out a new UAE-focused prepaid card called ‘DubaiCard’ at a prepaid payment industry forum.

The card can be issued instantly and activated from the self-service kiosks. It enables consumers to make cashless payments within the UAE and worldwide, at point-of-sale (POS), as well as at ATMs and online.

Tuxedo has developed the card in partnership with newly-launched National Pay, alongside kiosk-based solutions provider Atam.

Atam CEO Graham Foster said that the new card holder’s profile will be taken from their personal Emirates Identity Card, and also through a passport reader.

National Pay’s managing director Rashid AlKetbi said the initiative aims to launch 200 kiosks in Dubai in phase one, followed by expansion to all other Emirates. He added that a GCC launch is planned phase two.

Commercial Bank International will serve as an issuing bank for the DubaiCard, reported Gulf News.

Tuxedo CEO Frank Creighton said: "Commencing from April this year, customers will be able to apply for personalised DubaiCards. Every card can be instantly issued, topped up with funds and activated via National Pay Smart Kiosks which will be strategically located throughout the UAE, starting with Dubai."

Foster said: "DubaiCard uses a new-to-sector technology, called Smart Issuance. We make use of the full KYC (Know Your Customer) strategy that is so well-tested in the banking and finance sector."