Tech CU (Technology Credit Union) has launched a new mobile app that offers its debit and credit card holders with real-time visibility into transactions and control over card features.

The new app, known as Card Manager, allows the cardholders to decide when and where their cards can be used, including specific merchant and transaction types.

Additionally, the card-members can ensure security of their account by locking or unlocking the card. They can also check real‐time transactional activity/alerts and set per-transaction spending limits to stay on a budget.

The app’s location feature helps to detect the member’s smartphone location with the merchant’s location for in-store purchases. If a cardholder is present in a different city, but their card is being used in different city, the transaction will not take place.

Users can select specifies merchant categories for which transactions are allowed or denied, including retail stores, entertainment, gas, groceries, etc.

Furthermore, the app helps users to control transaction types such as in-store, online, auto pay, cash withdrawals and more.

Tech CU senior vice president of information technology Dean Davis said: “Card Manager is completely self-service, allowing our members to have unprecedented control over their financial lives.

“Trying to prevent online shopping during work hours? Have a teenager you want to ensure uses the card only for gas? All these parameters are simple with Card Manager and can be adjusted based on your needs at any time.”