Strike, a digital wallet built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, has launched its API platform for marketplace and merchant businesses.

The company also partnered with Twitter, which will use Strike’s API to enable its users to tip with bitcoin globally. The payments can be made with a Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

Users in the US and El Salvador can get tips into their Strike account.

Twitter staff product manager Esther Crawford announced the worldwide Tips launch and the feature to tip with bitcoin using Strike.

In a blog post, Crawford said: “We want everyone on Twitter to have access to pathways to get paid.”

The Strike collaboration allows Twitter users in either the US or El Salvador to receive instant payments at no cost from anyone globally. In the US, Strike is not available in Hawaii and New York.

Upon downloading Strike from the App Store, Google Play store or Chrome Web Store, eligible users can add their Strike usernames to get instant global tips via the Bitcoin Network on Twitter.

The Tips feature is now available for Twitter iOS users and will expand to all users in the coming weeks.

This partnership expands public access to the Strike API for marketplaces and merchants. The API can be leveraged for instant payments between buyers and sellers or fans and creators across the world.

The platform offers merchants the ability to accept instant payments from customers.

Strike founder and CEO Jack Mallers said: “Today, we take a giant leap forward in growing global interoperability with the world’s first open monetary network, Bitcoin.

“Today, with the Strike API one of the world’s largest internet companies becomes interoperable with the world’s largest global monetary network making payments everywhere in the world cheaper, faster, and unlocking a whole new set of payment use cases never seen before.”