Spindle, a mobile commerce solutions provider, has introduced a cloud-based solution, Yowza!! POS to provide merchants with an integrated point-of-sale and retail management platform.

The latest offering is said to be a unit of Yowza!! Merchant, a suite of tools that allow merchants to conduct and manage a full range of business functions, including inventory management, order processing, workforce management, payment functionalities, marketing and other core business operations from an iOS and Android device.

As a central management aide, Yowza!! POS is expected to help all scale merchants with services such providing data about inventory across multiple locations, scheduling, and accounting functions.

Further, it also offers marketing functionalities including the enabling of email, couponing and redemption campaigns, and reward and loyalty programme management.

Spindle CEO, Bill Clark said that when paired with payment processing aggregation services, Yowza!! POS can serve as an ‘omni management’ system that can be leveraged by all types of merchants, from street vendors all the way up to multi-location operations.

"We’re eager to empower our merchants with this new set of always-accessible capabilities, and deliver the intelligence and functionality that will help them run their business and drive their success in the marketplace," added Clark.

To give an insight into sales and performance rates for merchants, detailed report and analytics are also included.

"We’re building added capabilities, like advanced beacoconing technologies that will enable our merchants to drive marketing and loyalty features, and substantially enhance the value that both Yowza!! POS and Yowza!! Merchant delivers to customers," Clark said.