SmartMetric has developed super thin electronic components for payment cards as part of its efforts to create biometric fingerprint validated and activated credit/debit cards.

The technology is mounted on super thin multi-layer circuit board, which will be installed on to a credit card to operate as a fully functional fingerprint reader.

The fingerprint scanner in the card is powered by Cortex processor on the internal circuit board. It operates as a self-contained electronic device with the user’s fingerprint stored inside the card.

Accordingly, it offers an additional layer of security to the user’s biometrics.

The internal electronics are designed to draw power when the card is inserted into a card reader or ATM, to charge the card battery.

SmartMetric president and CEO Chaya Hendrick said: “Both the extreme thinness of our components along with the extreme thinness of our circuit board has led SmartMetric to become a leader in cutting edge super thin electronics design and manufacture.”

The company has designed the card to enable operations with the fingerprint scan independently of card readers.

Accordingly, it will enable the holder to use the card with contact and contactless card readers including ATMs.

Hendrick added: “With the card now having its own powerful internal computing power it is now possible to think of the credit/debit card as the next generation connected device.”

Currently, SmartMetric is working to introduce the advanced biometric credit/debit card to banks which use ADVANTIS card chip and operating system in their cards.

Earlier this year, as a part of its strategy to improve credit card security, the company added real time finger detection into its in-the-card fingerprint scanner for payment cards.