SmartMetric, a US-based patented payment card technology and in-card biometric products developer, has launched a new sub-micro operating system, SmartMetric Intelligent Card OS, for nano-computers.

The operating system serves as a development platform for creating apps that run on a payment card.

It is designed to operate on SmartMetric intelligent card, which integrates biometrics with patented nano-computing technology.

Developers can create apps for a wide range of functions including gaming, security, consumer, and industrial.

SmartMetric president and CEO, Chaya Hendrick, said they have seen the evolution of computing move from mainframe, to PC, to tablets, and then to smartphones.

"Now, SmartMetric is leading the next wave of miniaturization with our SmartMetric intelligent card. Combining our patented nano-computing hardware with our sub-micro operating system, we believe we’ve created the next new device of the future and it’s the size of a payment card," Hendrick added.