US-based digital alternative payment solutions provider SafetyPay has enabled its digital payment wallet for LATAM Airlines Group.

Through the partnership with LATAM Airlines, SafetyPay aims to support the airline’s digital transformation project.

By accepting alternative payment methods from its customers, LATAM Airlines can increase its customer base in the market it serves.

The airline group caters to its customers in Latin America (LATAM) and South America. It aims to provide flyers with a digital and online experience throughout their journey.

The partnership was launched in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. Brazil and Peru will follow next year.

LATAM Airlines VP of eBusiness and head of digital transformation team Nicolas Salazar said: “Since 2019, we have been implementing an ambitious transformation to build a customer-centric end-to-end digital experience, and thus, make life easier for our passengers throughout their complete journey.

“We have been focusing on eliminating barriers, simplifying rules, reducing transaction times with a clear focus of improving our customer’s experience and creating value.

SafetyPay’s digital payment wallet will now allow non-cardholders and fraud wary customers to purchase airline tickets via bank transfer or cash.

They no longer need to share their information online.

The SafetyPay-enabled digital solution will provide bank transfers and cash payment solutions to customers, in addition to credit card payments.

Additionally, the solution aims to reduce the time taken to purchase the airline tickets by over 10 minutes to 4:55 minutes.

The number of fields required to fill by the customers to purchase a ticket will also be reduced from 18 to two.

Further, LATAM Airlines will be able to confirm and send the tickets instantly to its customers.

SafetyPay CEO Gustavo Moya said: “Offering a secure, risk-fraud, payment solution to buy airline tickets using a digital wallet is key to tap a larger number of customers that either does not have credit cards or have them but do not want to use.

“Our payments solutions which leverage the latest technology to protect our customers and offer them the best experience online will contribute to a better and quicker online sales experience.”

SafetyPay currently has 380 bank partners in 17 countries across LATAM, Europe and North America.