Danish payment firm Nets has started a pilot programme to test facial recognition technology for payments.

The programme will be carried out at the Vibenshuset office complex in Copenhagen, which is home to 25 companies.

The pilot will be trialled by 1,000 employees who plan to have their lunch at Kokkenes Køkken’s cafeteria.

To make payments, these employees must link their face with their office ID card. To install the technology, all merchants need is a tablet with a pre-installed webcam and app.

Nets head of Creation Lab Jesper Kildegaard Poulsen said: “We are used to bringing something with us each time we need to make a payment – cash, card or a device. But maybe it doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could pay by just showing up?”

“Today, we have the technology to use faces as identification and validation when making a payment. However, how people feel about having their faces scanned is still under question.

“This trial will help us to learn more about consumer attitudes to facial recognition payments.”

Technological developments at Nets

This September, Nets collaborated with KPMG to provide an AI-powered payment fraud prevention solution.

In July 2019, Nets and Swish teamed up to create an in-store payments pilot programme. The partnership was aimed at supporting Swish’s expansion into the retail and service sectors.

Additionally, in June, Nets joined forces with GIRO Zrt to offer an instant payments platform in Hungary.

Last year, Nets also launched a pilot of finger vein payments technology with students and visitors at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark.