Salt Lake City-based Leisurelink has partnered with WEX to provide their vacation property suppliers with a new virtual card programme named LeisureLink FastPay to speed up the guest payment process on bookings.

The new virtual payment method will speed up the guest payment process on bookings by as much as 45 days, allowing payment upon guest check in.

LeisureLink FastPay will act as a single-use, virtual credit card number that will replace the standard payment process for bookings, eliminating the need to invoice third-party channels and await payment.

The payment program will facilitate increased cash flow and eliminate the normal 45 day payment process for vacation property providers besides providing 24-hour call centre assistance.

LeisureLink CFO George Trevino said: "The FastPay program will accelerate payments and reduce work for our suppliers, as well as compliment the accounting, reporting and business analytics capabilities that our platform offers."

Source: PRWeb