Digital payments platform KyckGlobal has joined forces with FLEETCOR company Cambridge Global Payments (CGP) to improve cross-border payments for US-based firms.

The partners will offer a streamlined international payment solution in the US and select countries.

KyckGlobal offers a suite of payment options from a single reconciliation point, whereas CGP offers integrated cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions.

The partnership will facilitate international ACH payments and wires to over 200 countries and in more than 145 currencies.

KyckGlobal will allow payment recipients to select from a suite of domestic and international endpoints.

The company will offer a payer dashboard to facilitate outbound payments across various payment methods along with annual tax summary capabilities.

By partnering with CGP, KyckGlobal will improve its cross-border payment solutions for the domestic US and foreign companies.

KyckGlobal founder and CEO Ashish Bahl said: “Cambridge’s network of bank partners and international sponsorship capabilities make them an exceptional ally to KyckGlobal.

“This partnership will realise much of the potential of KyckGlobal, and remove the many obstacles that prevent businesses from entering the global marketplace.”

CGP president Mark Frey said: “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with KyckGlobal and the opportunity that this relationship affords us in terms of delivering incremental value to clients and vendors globally.

“Our combined technology platform will leverage KyckGlobal’s unique capabilities which are designed to maximise flexibility for our shared clients and enrich the user experience for vendors who receive payments across our global network in 145+ currencies and to more than 200 countries around the world.”

Last month, CGP entered into an endorsement partnership with Australia-Latin America Business Council (ALABC).

Earlier this year, KyckGlobal expanded its partnership with MoneyGram International, enlarging its global payout network to more than 120 countries.