Kalixa Group has expanded its footprint into the North and Latin American markets by launching new offices in New York, US, and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Through this expansion, the merchants and consumers will be benefited from Kalixa’s payments services that cover every area of the payments chain.

According to Kalixa, the new offering will provide merchants with single connected ecosystem where they can replace multiple provider interactions with a single point of contact.

Kalixa will lead its charge into North American with Kalixa Accept, which allows merchants to accept more than 200 payment methods.

Furthermore, Kalixa will expand into additional states and roll-out Kalixa Pay, its prepaid e-wallet, and Kalixa Pro, an mPOS for small businesses and sole traders.

Kalixa said that it will also lead with its Kalixa Accept offering, which will commence in Brazil before expanding into Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and Chile in 2015.

Kalixa Group CEO, Ed Chandler, said: "In North America, the market has to contend with several challenges, not least around risk and fraud. In Latin America, there is a huge untapped opportunity and Brazil alone represents around 60% of the e-commerce market. Increasingly, consumers are shopping online and want to pay electronically.

"Merchants are starting to see a real demand for solutions that can help them accept a range of payment options to turn these new browsers into buyers. In both markets, we can offer merchants a vast range of low-risk payment services from a single platform that will enable them to accept payments simply and securely, now and in the future."