Fiserv has received new contracts to provide debit card, ATM processing, fraud mitigation solutions and Accel debit payments network to US-based Boiling Springs Savings Bank and North Shore Trust and Savings.

Under the terms of the agreement, Fiserv will provide card processing and premier debit network services and support to both the banks.

Boiling Springs Savings Bank will also use Fiserv’s technology to provide cards across its 17 branches and more than 40,000 customers in Northeastern New Jersey.

Additionally, the banks will use Accel debit payments network from Fiserv. Accel enables financial institutions to allow consumers to make payments and access funds in real-time on the go.

Boiling Springs Savings Bank chief operations and strategy officer Kenneth Emerson said: “We are excited to partner with Fiserv to serve our customers’ evolving needs and preference for debit and ATM access to their accounts.

“These comprehensive card solutions will allow us to maintain our focus on giving our customers the friendly, personal attention they deserve.”

North Shore Trust and Savings senior vice president Nathan Walker said: “Cards have become an integral part of our customers’ daily lives, and Fiserv offers the latest technologies and security around card usage.

“This allows our customers more convenient access to their money and more comfort knowing they are the only one accessing their money with enhanced security controls and fraud mitigation.”