First Global Data, a Canada-based financial services technology company, has signed an agreement with Hidase Telecom to launch mobile payment services in Ethiopia.

The Canadian company, which entered into the agreement through its license partner, said that its mobile payment solution will enable the telecom company’s existing 20 million plus customers to top up mobile phones without having to purchase minutes at storefronts.

First Global added that it will also work closely with Hidase Telecom to deploy an ecosystem which will enable the Hidase clients base to perform a wide range of other transactions such as bill payment, local peer to peer money transfers, travel and to receive remittances from abroad.

First Global Data CFO Nayeem Alli said: "I traveled to Ethiopia and met with the CEO and Board of Directors of Hidase Telecom. They are thrilled with the new mobile payment service as it adds a higher value proposition for both Hidase and First Global."