The Contis Group has launched The Gift & Loyalty Company, a new international brand aiming at offering bespoke gift card solutions for major retailers worldwide.

The company wants to challenge the preconceptions of the gift and loyalty cards market and instead “demonstrate what can be achieved with an inventive, multichannel solution”.

It will offer to its retailers the possibility to design programmes based on each client’s unique commercial requirements.

Dannie McDonald, managing director of the new brand, explained: “As the mobile, online and in-store services of retailers blend into a single, converged customer experience, the value-potential of gift and loyalty programmes is rocketing.

“We are already operating internationally and are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, including All Saints, Pizza Express and Virgin.

“As part of the Contis Group, a principal member of Visa and a major global force in payments technology group, we have both the resources and the technical ability to redefine this sector.”

McDonald told CI: “Money on and off is often then only service provided by the gift card market, without a real understanding of customers’ needs.

“Because we do everything in house, we have access to data and we can customise the loyalty platform to add new functionalities.

“For example, we can provide a retailer with data about the frequency customers visit its stores, so it can decide to reward a regular visitor and try to attract a more occasional one with tailored offers.

“We can be very reactive and proactive and provide our clients with just what they need to maximise their customer experience.”

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