Dutch mobile lender bunq has expanded its alliance with Mastercard to increase the reach of its Green Card in Europe.

As a result of the partnership expansion, the Green Card will now be available in 30 European markets

The Green Card – a metal Mastercard offering – was launched last November. It supports a tree plantation for every €100 spent with the card.

The move has enabled the plantation of more than 100,000 trees since its inception, thereby reducing carbon footprint by 30.8 million kg.

Mastercard Europe president Javier Perez said: “People want and expect the technology they use to not just be safe and simple, they are increasingly looking to have a positive impact on the world they live in.

“Mastercard believes that the power of partnership can not only drive innovation but also do good.”

The two companies have been working together since 2015.

The tie-up between the pair has also resulted in the launch of the bunq Travel Card.

The Green Card programme supports the Priceless Planet Coalition, which is a Mastercard platform launched early this year to combine sustainability initiatives and make investments for environment’s preservation.

The coalition aims to facilitate the plantation of 100 million trees over five years.

bunq founder and CEO Ali Niknam said: “Together with our users we have established an easy way for everyone to create a greener world with zero effort. Together we will further expand bunq Green Card throughout Europe.”