Bluefin Payment Systems has entered into partnership with AudienceView, a provider of e-commerce and ticketing platform, to integrate its PCI-validated P2PE solution with the latter’s platform.

AudienceView customers will now get PCI-validated P2PE and integrated payment processing with EMV through its PayConex payment platform or a P2PE gateway-only solution without payment processing.

PayConex, which is integrated directly with the AudienceView platform, will offer provide debit, credit and ACH payments. It will also allow e-commerce and EMV retail acceptance.

The PCI-validated P2PE solution also helps minimize PCI compliance and scope.

Bluefin senior vice president of security solutions Greg Cornwell said: “2016 saw a dramatic increase in data breaches, with 1,093, involving more than 36 million consumer records. AudienceView understands that only PCI-validated P2PE can render payment data useless in the event of a data breach, and we are excited to provide our solution to their entertainment industry clients.”

AudienceView vice president of product strategy Mike Evenson said: “Organizations across the entertainment industry rely on AudienceView to achieve their business objectives while keeping their information secure. To be successful, we must continuously manage secure transactions and customer data. Partnering with Bluefin gives our clients access to the gold standard in payment security, PCI-validated P2PE.”