US-based Bankers’ Bank has signed an agreement to integrate Aptys Solutions’ PayLOGICS to expand its services.

Bankers’ Bank will use PayLOGICS’ components such as image exchange and archive modules, ACH processing, wire processing, Federal Reserve messages, least cost routing and in-network exchange (INEX) payment processing to its File Information Report Exchange (FIRE) system.

According to Aptys, the FIRE’s new technology will now provide Bankers’ Bank respondent banks with more control and security through extensive entitlements.

Through this deployment, client banks will now be able to conduct straight-through wires, offering direct connection with the FED.

Bankers’ Bank president and CEO Tom Papenthien said: "The rollout of FIRE provides our customers with a newfound, user-rich experience as well as a faster, more responsive, and easier to deploy system. It’s the next step in processing technology."