Yapital, a European payments service provider, has integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology into its service portfolio to make payments easier without an internet connection.

According to Yapital, the point of sale used to complete the payment will be provided by POSCard, developed by its strategic partner POSPartner.

The BLE technology will develop a wireless connection between the smartphone and the point of sale, enabling customers to make payments simply by using their Yapital app even in places where there is no mobile network coverage.

Additionally, the technology when compared to NFC will save energy and will allow data to be exchanged over a greater distance and in both directions.

Yapital said that it will use this technology to allow its cross-channel payment system to be used through smartphone in retail stores even without an Internet connection.

Yapital, chairman of the board, Nils Winkler, said: "Yapital is taking very seriously the claim of offering a true ‘Everywhere Payment’ system that works in all situations. This means that users will be able to pay just as easily and intuitively with Yapital when they are in a dead spot as they can with perfect network coverage."

POSPartner, CEO Peter Reeich, said: "In conjunction with Yapital, we are giving retailers the opportunity to offer their customers an improved shopping experience even without network coverage and at the same time to reduce waiting times at the checkout."