Payments firm Wirecard has rolled out a new mobile app for users of its payout solutions in North America.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It enables cardholders to track related balances and payment activities on their mobile device.

Using the new app, cardholders can see their account history, balances, and payment data as well as gain access to Wirecard’s customer service.

With an ATM locator, users can detect the nearest spots for cash withdrawal from their prepaid debit accounts.

In North America, Wirecard’s payout solutions are used by Mary Kay, Liberty Mutual, WestJet, and Isuzu Trucks, among others.

Wirecard North America managing director Seth Brennan said: “The new app provides a simple and intuitive, fully digital financial experience that integrates with our existing payout solutions.

“We are excited to offer cardholders the latest digital tools to help them manage their Wirecard accounts more seamlessly.

The latest development comes shortly after Wirecard’s launch of its payout solution in the Philippines.

The payments firm also added several functionalities recently.

Last month, the firm launched a prototype of a Smart Mirror that supports payments.

In June this year, the firm launched a smart payment terminal to enable payments through palm biometrics.