The payment options will be available at ten new locations, with Western Union customers now able to send and receive money from friends and family, as well as pay for electricity, water and cell phone bills.

“Many of our customers depend on Metro, PlazaVea and Vivanda for groceries and other basic needs”, said Claudia Reyes, Western Union Country Director for Peru. “By working with these establishments, we are providing our customers with even more convenience, offering the ability to send and receive money at their locations, pay for services and exchange currency”, she continued.

“We are extremely excited to continue our work with PlazaVea, Vivanda and Metro, while simultaneously helping our customers manage and simplify their busy lives”.

Expanding on multiple fronts

In a separate move, Western Union has partnered with BIM and launch a new e-wallet service for customers in Peru.

Customers can access an electronic money account to receive remittances by downloading the BIM app on their phones.

Once the app is downloaded, users can sign up, search for transactions, complete the corresponding data and confirm the operation with a password. The amount is added to the BIM balance and will be available immediately.

“Giving our customers choice and convenience is key to our omnichannel portfolio of services,” added Reyes. “We understand our customers have unique needs. By introducing the electronic wallet through BIM, customers can utilize an agile and innovative service to receive remittances quickly and easily from a mobile phone.”

Fernando Barrios, General Manager of Pagos Digitales Peruanos, commented: “For us at BIM, it is essential to promote financial inclusion through different functionalities that allow our users to access their money quickly, easily and securely. Therefore, the partnership with Western Union is key because, in a country like Peru with high annual remittances, it positions us closer to our users and their needs, being the first wallet to provide this type of service.”

Western Union’s retail business growth across Peru follows the company’s recently announced expansion to Vietnam.

On 20 March, the company joined MoMo in allowing money transfers through the MoMo App across Vietnam. The decision proved strategic, with MoMo having 31 million App users in Vietnam.

According to Western Union insights, 81% of Vietnamese consumers want money transfer providers to integrate capabilities into one “super app”.