Financial services firm Wells Fargo has partnered with financial technology provider Blackhawk Network to expand its Go Far Rewards programme with the addition of new gift card brands.

Wells Fargo’s rewards programme allows its consumer credit card customers to earn cash back or reward points.

These customers will now be able to choose from 150 physical and e-gift cards across local, regional and national merchants to redeem the earned points.

Apart from gift cards, the reward points can also be redeemed through travel, merchandise and digital downloads.

Blackhawk Network CEO and president Talbott Roche said: “Today’s consumers crave flexibility and accessibility, and with so many digital and loyalty use cases that go beyond traditional gift cards, our platform and promotional expertise allows Wells Fargo credit card customers to convert Go Far Rewards into branded value and make the most of their rewards.”

The firm will be responsible for managing the expanded gift card portfolio and fulfilling orders placed for these cards.

Wells Fargo vice-president of Rewards and Offers Management, Marc Skurla said: “Blackhawk’s technology platform, extensive catalogue and marketing expertise make it easier for us to manage both our physical and e-gift reward offerings and spend more time focusing on delivering other innovations to our customers.”