Payment technology firm Verifone has teamed up with SITA, a Swiss tech company that specialises in air travel, to enable integrated, scalable, and secure payment acceptance for shared check-in desks and kiosks at airports globally.

Under the arrangement, the companies will offer a new payment platform integrating an airport’s shared IT infrastructure and Verifone payment devices.

To enable secure payment acceptance on a single Verifone device installed at each touchpoint, the company has integrated with SITA’s AirportConnect Common-Use Payment service.

Verifone said its point-to-point encryption (P2PE) technology, with EMV and PCI-compliant chip card payment solutions, applications and processes, will enable multiple merchants to accept payments on the same device.

“With this service, Verifone VX 820, a countertop and PIN pad, and UX, a durable unattended payment solution line with PIN pad and contactless capabilities, will accept payments at airports worldwide that use SITA’s common-use passenger processing infrastructure,” Verifone said in a statement.

SITA CEO Barbara Dalibard said: “Our work with Verifone, to deliver this innovative payment solution, allows multiple merchants to use the same device in line with PCI security standards. It enables airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders to accept secure payments in a common-use environment.”

Verifone North America president Joe Mach said: “Working with SITA, a global IT leader in the airline industry, Verifone is bringing large-scale, reliable, secure payment touchpoints and convenience to traveling customers at airport counters and kiosks around the world. The agreement is a milestone in expanding our secure payments and future dynamic point-of-sale (POS) interaction in the transportation industry.”

SITA has presence at more than 1,000 of the world’s airports.