Tappy Technologies, a wearable payment technology provider headquartered in Hong Kong, has unveiled its new passive biometric enabled watch strap.

The new proposition has payments access as well as digital authentication capabilities.

Tappy Technologies wearables expand on-the-go capabilities

Tappy CEO Wayne Leung said: “At Tappy we continually challenge ourselves to offer the most secure, seamless & enjoyable wearable contactless payment experience to our customers. By introducing passive biometric payments through watch straps, we are raising the bar even higher as we enable second factor authentication in the most secure format.

“The ultimate aim is to facilitate higher value transactions through all types of wearable devices. Highly sophisticated algorithms ensure that our unique biometric sensors perform flawlessly without the need of a battery. This is crucial especially for our watch brand partners as the design aesthetics of the watch remains uncompromised.”

Tappy’s technology can be integrated into watches, bracelets, jewelry, fitness bands as well as other accessories, enabling them to make payments. Furthermore, the firm has various watch brands, card networks and banks as its clients.

Also this month, Zwipe collaborated with Tappy to launch biometric wearable payment authentication devices.

Tappy Technologies wearables offer customers an on-the-go payment solution. Wearables continue to be popular around the world as consumers seek more convenient and seamless payment solutions.