Zwipe has teamed up with Tappy Technologies to launch biometric wearable payment and digital authentication devices.

The two parties have also signed a licensing agreement, which will enable Tappy to licence Zwipe’s core intellectual property. Furthermore, Zwipe biometric technology will support the integration of biometric authentication into various form factors.

Zwipe biometric technology

Zwipe CEO André Løvestam said: “Zwipe is paving the way to enable financial services in wearable devices, in addition to payment cards.

“Tappy Technologies is a proven leader in this segment. We are very excited to join forces in bringing this innovative solution into the hands of the consumer.”

The firms intend to create a prototype of the new offering before this year-end.

Tappy CEO Wayne Leung said: “In 2017 brands partnering with us sold over 85 million units, and we expect to see our wearable payment and tokenisation platform deployed in millions of units over the next years and we are proud to partner with Zwipe to enable biometric authentication as part of this portfolio next year.

“At Tappy we have an insatiable appetite for innovation. Our latest offering, a unique biometric wearable solution is going to be a game changer in the wearable payment space as it enables second factor authentication in passive devices, offering the most secure and seamless wearable contactless payment experience to our customers.”