Egypt-based banks, fintechs, corporates, merchants and consumers will have access to innovative solutions and market offerings via BPC’s SmartVista Platform.

Taly is a new platform that uses advanced technology to provide digital payment solutions in Egypt. It aims to promote financial inclusion and support digital transformation in line with the country’s goals for 2030.

The company partnered with BPC, a company with experience in working with financial institutions and fintech companies.

Magdy Hassan, CEO of Taly, commented: “Our journey with BPC has been seamless. BPC has been impressively agile, with their technology providing the flexibility we were looking for to build some of the most innovative digital-first solutions for Egyptian consumers.

“Some of BPC’s solutions include Card Management, Tokenization, Acquiring, Merchant Management and a full-fledged Payment Gateway – all of which will help shape the future of financial services in the region”, Hassan added.

Digital payment solution: BPC reaction

The decision to collaborate with Taly comes after BPC decided in January to extend its payments partnership with IPS, a Bahrain-based third-party payment processing and payments firm.

The then-extension enabled IPS to continue using BPC’s “SmartVista” platform.

Usama ElSayed, chief operations officer at BPC, welcomed the news.

“We firmly believe Taly is curated to be a true game changer in the payment industry, not only in Egypt but also throughout the region. Its exceptional vision and innovative value proposition have the potential to significantly transform the way people interact with financial services”, ElSayed said. “We are excited to see the positive impact that Taly will have on the financial industry, and we look forward to witnessing its continued growth and success in the future.”