SmartStream Technologies has introduced a new digital payments platform called TLM Aurora to support new industry standards across the market.

The new platform, according to SmartStream, offers integrated operational control for the digital marketplace.

The new digital payments solution will facilitate various transaction operations. These include SWIFT and SEPA transfers, mobile, cash and card payments, digital currencies, settlements and reconciliations.

Furthermore, TLM Aurora is capable of supporting even small organisations, and will scale with their growth.

The digital payments platform is available with TLM View for real-time MIS and in-depth reporting.

Organisations will be able to search and retrieve payment transactions, irrespective of origin, geography or source systems, through the integrated advanced payments layer.

Also, the Integrated Trade Process Management feature allows internal as well external management of multi-class trade operations for asset managers.

SmartStream Technologies CEO Haytham Kaddoura said: “TLM Aurora is far more than just an upgrade. It is the result of years of R&D at SmartStream with valuable insight and intelligence from our clients and partners.

“As digital transformation accelerates, it will become even more important that banks have control processes in place that link to existing infrastructures via a single solution. TLM Aurora has been discussed with several banks and the need to focus on data is key to intuitively leverage data discovery, data modelling and data simulation.”