Signifyd has rolled out a set of payment services to comply with PSD2 requirements.

Dubbed Signifyd Seamless SCA, the new offering is said to be a “differentiated solution above and beyond what PSD2 requires”.

According to the vendor, its solution addresses PSD2  “head-on” instead of relying on some exemptions.

The aim is to enable retailers boost revenue and support friction-free buying for their customers.

Signifyd vice president of operations and corporate development J. Bennett said:  “Avoidance strategies, such as optimising exemptions to bypass the need for SCA, are not a real solution. Delivering a great SCA experience is.

“It appears enforcement of strong customer authentication will be delayed, especially after the Joint Industry Statement issued Aug 1 by Visa, Mastercard and European payments and retailer consortiums. But retailers that prepare themselves now will hold a competitive advantage when enforcement begins.”

In preparation for PSD2 implementation, various firms have enhanced their capabilities lately.

Last month, ACI Worldwide launched tools to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a requirement under PSD2.

Earlier this year, HSBC launched a PSD2 developer portal.