Optiv Security has rolled out SecurePayment@Optiv, which integrates multiple technologies to offer comprehensive security across the entire payment lifecycle.

The new proposition incorporates technologies covering various areas. These areas run across application security, network segmentation, encryption, identity and access management, threat intelligence, as well as incident response.

SecurePayment@Optiv drives payment security

The tools offered by SecurePayment@Optiv are aimed at helping clients identify the systems that need to be optimised. Furthermore, it helps identify the most likely attackers and the most targeted assets along with regulations to be addressed.

SecurePayment@Optiv has also been designed to offer protection against various point-of-sale vulnerabilities, and minimise the likelihood of cyber breaches.

Furthermore, the new offering also intends to protect merchants against insider threats, both deliberate and accidental.

Optiv chief services and operations officer Chad Holmes said: “As organisations digitally transform and enable technologies such as mobile payment, they should be striving for a secure payment lifecycle that tackles business risks, activates program agility, and meets privacy and segmentation requirements – while maintaining compliance and optimising existing technology investments.

“SecurePayment@Optiv goes beyond PCI compliance with a solution that builds end-to-end payment security based on each client’s specific risk profile. This risk-centric approach results in a holistic payment security programme that is designed to reduce risk of payment fraud and data breaches, and deliver comprehensive security across the entire payment lifecycle.”