Business management solutions provider Sage has tied up with UK-based payments firm Modulr to offer a solution that will automate salary and supplier payments.

Dubbed Sage Salary and Supplier Payments, the new offering will enable businesses and their accountants to process payments directly within the Sage Accounts and Payroll products.

With the new tool, customers can save time from automated reconciliation of payment data, Modulr said.

At the same time, the solution is said to address security concerns.

Moreover, Sage’s Accountant and Payroll Bureau Partners is said to benefit from delegated service access.

This will enable it to lower practice overheads, according to Modulr.

Sage executive vice president of Global Payments & Banking Seamus Smith said: “Modulr brings significant industry expertise that offers us the opportunity to expand the capabilities of our solution with new functionality and geographies, together with specific support for the development of our partner channels.

“Customers and accountants will further benefit from real-time visibility of payments, seamless reconciliation of payment data into Sage’s Accounting and Payroll products and role-based access controls, meaning that they can track and manage a full audit trail of activity pertaining to outgoing payments, which will give them full control of a crucial part of their business.”