RocketFuel Blockchain has forged an alliance with merchant services provider PaymentCloud to enable traders to accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

The ‘Pay With Crypto’ solution from RocketFuel has already gone live with 15 of the 20 PaymentCloud merchants who agreed to use the platform.

PaymentCloud aims to offer safe payment processing for businesses of different kinds, such as the ones operating in high-risk, low-risk, or hard-to-place sectors.

Merchants can use PaymentCloud’s results-based approach to apply RocketFuel’s invoicing feature, which allows both vendors and consumers to pay bills as well as purchases products and services through cryptocurrency.

RocketFuel CEO Peter Jensen said: “We are excited to work closely with PaymentCloud as they realise the benefits of utilising blockchain technologies for e-Commerce payments and check-out solutions and our ‘Pay with Crypto’ solution.

“PaymentCloud’s personalised approach sets it apart from other payment processors regarding its relationships with its merchants.

“In just a short time, we have already gone live with 15 of their 20 merchants that have signed. Our super-fast processing power, real-time payment options, and secure and stable transactions are a huge value-add to PaymentCloud merchants.”

Currently, RocketFuel’s solutions support a number of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other altcoins as well as automated clearing house (ACH) bank transfers.

In October last year, the blockchain-driven checkout solution provider partnered with ACI Worldwide to enable cryptocurrency payment acceptance for merchants worldwide.

The collaboration is aimed at helping merchants support cryptocurrency-based payments that require no processing fees.