Online money transfer company WireBarley has joined forces with payments platform Currencycloud to expand its presence to the US.

At present, WireBarley serves the Asia-Pacific market.

The company has presence in Seoul, which serves as its base, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

WireBarley CEO John JW Yoo said: “Currencycloud has the reputation and market know-how that we need to succeed in the US.

“Its cross-border payments technology is simple and reliable. Its flexible APIs, by their nature, can be seamlessly added into our existing platform.

“It means we can open up a huge new potential market, with as little disruption as possible, while it helps us to improve the service we offer to our customers, by giving them the ability to hold multiple accounts in different locations.”

The selection of Currencycloud for the expansion is said to have been triggered by the firm’s expertise on international payments and access to the US.

The APIs of Currencycloud will support its integration into the business app of WireBarley.

This will facilitate trading in USD along with more than 35 other currencies.

Referring to WireBarley, Currencycloud co-founder and general manager for US Richard Arundel said: “Their choice to work with Currencycloud is further ratification for us as a trusted partner within the P2P landscape, and reflects our own ambition to power businesses globally, large or small, and to grow and expand into new locations and markets.”