This latest webinar from the teams at Retail Banker International and GlobalData hones in on one of the biggest current topics in retail banking: the impact of generative AI on retail banking

Topics include:

  • How will AI impact retail banking?
  • GlobalData’s market sizing and forecasting for the potential value of AI
  • The most active FS recruiters of AI-related roles?
  • GlobalData’s banking technology scorecard
  • The challenges and opportunities for banks to deploy AI to deliver impactful change, democratise financial services and help consumers make better financial decisions.

The webinar features discussions with:

Stephen Walker, senior analyst, Banking and Payments, GlobalData, Alex LaPlante, head of Borealis AI, Royal Bank of Canada, Zor Gorelov, co-founder and CEO, Kasisto, John Duigenan, General Manager, Financial Services, Global Industries, IBM Technology, Raffael Maio, CSO and co-founder Net Guardians and Russ Cohn, General Manager EMEA, ID Verse.

Get a glimpse of our recent webinar: The Banking Call to Action for Generative AIA preview of the webinar is available via this link.
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Douglas Blakey, Editor, Electronic Payments International