Video streaming platform YouTube has tapped Paysafe Group to enable payments for users of YouTube Premium.

Under the partnership, YouTube Premium users will be able to use paysafecard online prepaid solution as an alternative payment option.

This is said to be beneficial for customers those who do not have access to credit cards or digital banking or are reluctant to share their data online on security grounds.

Users can buy paysafecard at more than 650,000 sales outlets including petrol station chains, supermarkets, lottery retailers and kiosks.

The service will be available to YouTube Premium users in France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

The latest alliance builds on Paysafe’s existing relationship with Google.

paysafecard is already available as a Google Play Store payment option in several countries.

These countries include Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, UK, France and Germany.

paysafecard CEO Udo Müller said: “paysafecard provides an easy and secure way for consumers to pay for goods and services online by removing the need to share financial data.

“We’re delighted to be extending our relationship with Google to support additional services in its portfolio.

“By giving customers the option to pay for its service using cash online, YouTube Premium is opening up its membership to millions of additional customers.”

A paid membership, YouTube Premium offers a range of services such as ad-free videos, as well as access to YouTube original content.

It also enables users to save videos and songs onto a mobile device.