Tech giant Google has expanded the usage of Paysafe’s prepaid solution paysafecard as a payment method in its app store to Greece, Spain, UK, France and Germany.

The move makes paysafecard available at over 40,000 sales outlets in France, 27,000 in Greece and the UK respectively, 59,000 in Germany and 72,000 in Spain. Among these outlets are petrol station chains, supermarkets, lottery retailers and kiosks.

Initially, paysafecard was made available as a Google Play Store payment option in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Cyprus.

The expansion of the service expands its reach to a total of 10 countries in Europe. Plans are on for a broader roll out in the coming months.

With paysafecard, Paysafe users can pay online in the Google Play Store.

This facilitates consumers without bank accounts or credit cards, or those who are not willing to put their financial data online. Payments are authenticated through a 16-digit PIN.

paysafecard CEO Udo Müller said: “paysafecard empowers people to shop online in a quick, convenient and secure way even if they don’t have a bank account, or simply don’t want to share details of their bank account online.

“Collaborating with brands like Google is an important part of our growth and ensures that paysafecard fulfils a need for millions of customers on the Google Play Store.”