OCBC Bank Malaysia has partnered with Ondot to offer new digital solutions to its cardholders.

Under the bank’s Open Vault programme, the partners will jointly work to provide customers with payment card control and customisation. This will be accessed through a mobile application.

The new features will be powered by Ondot’s digital card services platform launched in June this year.

OCBC Bank Malaysia head of The Open Vault Fabian Lim said: “Together with our partners, we are making it easier, safer, and more enjoyable for consumers in Malaysia to use their credit and debit cards wherever they are in the world.”

Ondot executive vice-president Rachna Ahlawat said: “With customers expecting payment card controls and notifications of their transactions at their fingertips, it is great to see banks like OCBC placing the customer experience at the heart of their business.

“In a market like Malaysia, card products that allow cardholders to shop freely and safely whether in-store or online, increase their confidence and help us all move one step closer to a cashless society.”

Ondot’s digital card services platform is designed to facilitate complete life-cycle management for card issuers. It allows use of cardholders’ base and social network to invite and acquire new customers.

The platform can also be leveraged to control the card’s use to a certain time window, amount, location, merchant and device.