Element is an exclusive suite of Mastercard applications and extensions integrated into Dynamic Yield’s Experience OS, which provides personalised product recommendations, offers and content to their customers. Element will give businesses access to new audiences by analysing aggregated and anonymised transactions using actionable geographic spend insights.

In addition, Element will use Mastercards’ propensity modelling techniques to help issuers provide relevant offers, products and content for cardholders. This will be done via their personal banking platforms.

With Mastercard SpendingPulse, businesses can uncover regional spending trends and look into macroeconomic indicators of retail sales.

Ori Bauer, CEO of Dynamic Yield, commented on Element’s launch: “Bringing insights from the Mastercard services ecosystem into Experience OS is a game-changer. From financial services to QSR to retail, companies can now hyper-personalise the consumer experience in entirely new ways

“For example, by looking at consumer spending in one category, you can now analyse how it will drive usage in another, and then deliver tailored offers online or in an app based on those unique insights. And those efforts can be implemented no matter the industry”, Bauer continued.

In April 2022, Mastercard bought Dynamic Yield to bolster consumer engagement services. Dynamic Yield has offices in Tel Aviv, New York City and other parts of the world. Over 400 brands use the company’s Experience OS.

Mastercard is a payment and technology company employing over 29,000 people. In FY2022, the business reported revenues of over $22.2bn, 17.8% more than in FY2021.