Mastercard announces new partnerships to offer enhanced value for world and world elite consumer credit cardholders. At the same time, Mastercard is expanding a number of existing partnerships.

Specifically, Mastercard agrees new deals with DoorDash and HelloFresh. Meanwhile, expanded and optimised partnerships with Fandango, Lyft, and ShopRunner are announced. These aim to ensure cardholders obtain savings at home or on the go when frequenting these online service providers.

According to Mastercard Spending Pulse, online sales grew 54.7% in February compared to 2020.

“As consumers, we’re shopping and spending more digitally than we ever have before. These new behaviours are here to stay,” says Chiro Aikat, EVP Product and Innovation in North America for Mastercard.

“At Mastercard, we remain committed to ensuring that our cardholders get the highest value from their everyday spend. We continue to deliver offers with the merchants and categories with which they’re spending most frequently.”

From 1 April, World and World Elite Mastercard consumer credit cardholders earn rewards for their everyday online spend. In addition, they continue to benefit from the protection of enhanced security features and added digital and experiential benefits.

World and World Elite Mastercard new benefits

  • DoorDash. World and World Elite cardholders who are new to DashPass, DoorDash’s subscription programme offering members unlimited free delivery fees and reduced service fees from thousands of restaurants, grocery and convenience stores on orders over $12, will get a free 3-month membership. All DashPass members automatically get a $5 discount on their first two orders each month when paying with a World or World Elite card.
  • HelloFresh: World and World Elite cardholders will get 5% back on each HelloFresh purchase. This can be used towards future HelloFresh orders. In addition, new customers receive a discount off their first few orders.

World and World Elite Mastercard enhanced deals

  • Lyft: World and World Elite cardholders will automatically receive a $5 credit for every three rides taken in a calendar month. The credit will be automatically applied to the next ride, capped at once per month.
  • Fandango: World Elite cardholders will now receive a $5 Fandango reward for future Fandango purchases for every $20 spent on digital movie rentals as well as movie ticket purchases.
  • ShopRunner: World and World Elite cardholders are provided free ShopRunner membership, valued at $79 per year, which provides free 2-day shipping and free returns from over 100+ retailers.
  • Priceless Experiences: All consumer credit cardholders will gain access to more robust online at home and away programme enabling exclusive access to experiences across consumers passions.

“We’re excited to partner with Mastercard. It empowers their cardholders to affordably and conveniently access the best in their communities with DashPass. As expectations for convenience continue to rise, this partnership will further expand Mastercard cardholders’ rewards, says Usman Cheema, Director of Global Corporate Partnerships, DoorDash.