Global payment provider Ingenico has teamed up with a Latin American payment firm to use biometric technology in the payment of government benefits.

Carvajal Tecnologia y Servicios (CTS) chose Ingenico to develop a biometric payment device that identifies benefit claimants by their fingerprint, allowing them to withdraw money.

Carlos Manuel Perez, CEO at CTS, said: "Biometric technology takes the payment process to a superior level of security for both sides. Approved family members are the only ones able to withdraw the funds, and the government is assured that the benefit is being paid to the right person."

Marcus Vendruscolo, marketing director for Ingenico Latin America, said: "We are proud to contribute to the success of these financial projects that have been ramping up in Latin America over the last months."

"Ingenico’s state-of-the-art Biometric Solution ensure the highest quality of authentication solutions that are required in various projects such as branchless banking, micro-financing, law enforcement or ID control."


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