Rooted firmly in a promise to deliver VIP service, unrivalled security and straightforward usability, HipFinity has launched. It claims that it is poised to change payments into a seamless and exceptional experience for resellers, merchants and consumers.

According to HipFinity it couples a visionary perspective on payment technology with groundbreaking fintech solutions. Its credo centres on comprehending clients’ unique requirements and existing pain points. That will allow the firm to deliver high-value solutions bolstered by the VIP support ISOs and ISVs have long been seeking.

“HipFinity signifies a dramatic paradigm shift in the payments industry. Everything we do is centred on the reseller/ISO client experience. This leverages decades of service to the reseller community and nurturing durable industry relationships,” said Lori Pagnozzi, HipFinity CEO, and Chief Disruptor.

“Our mission is to inspire resellers and ISOs to rethink their expectations of what a payment provider should be for them. At HipFinity, it’s about revolutionising the client journey.”

HipFinity: key solutions and services

HipFinity says that it will offer comprehensive agnostic payment solutions. HipFinity proffers a broad spectrum of payment options. This includes credit and debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, pay-by-text, BNPL, semi-integration, alternative payments, fee options and Android payment devices. It says that its FIRE payment gateway is tailored to meet diverse customer preferences, ensuring all desired payments are accommodated.

In addition, the firm claims to offer what it calls transformative business banking. The service features loyalty benefits and reward incentives.

The HipFinity FIRE Payment Gateway gives resellers instant updates to their merchant devices anytime, for any reason. A range of activities, from software updates, configurations, key encryptions, and processor changes, can be managed with a push, bypassing traditional downloads.

HipFinity also offers an array of semi-integration options designed to adapt to an ISV’s dynamic and rapid market development requirements.

Meantime, an AI-driven chatbot solution aims to diminish operational costs, accelerate resolution times, boost productivity and augment the customer experience.