first direct, a division of HSBC Bank, has launched a new service that enables customers to make  peer to peer (P2P) payments through social media apps.

The service, dubbed fdpay, enables P2P payments through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

first direct social media payments: Details

The customers can utilise the in-app PayKey technology to tap a payment icon on the phone’s keyboard while within a conversation and carry out the transaction.

It uses the UK banking industry’s Paym service which enables payment by using the beneficiary’s mobile phone number.

first direct said that it customers can make immediate payments up to £350 per day through fdpay.

The service eliminates the need to open the banking app, enter login details and complete the payment.

first direct head Joe Gordon said: “We’re always listening to what customers say they want in order to give them the best service we can, and they told us it would be great if they were able to pay a contact within an already open conversation.

“People want to be able to manage their finances easily and securely, and fdpay is just another way for first direct to provide customers with a service they will find useful.”

Available within the first direct mobile banking app, the social media payments service can be enabled through the phone’s keyboard settings.

Besides WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the fdpay is available to use on any other messaging app which uses the phone’s keyboard, the company said.