First Abu Dhabi Bank has partnered with Mastercard to launch new ‘World’ series debit card, called FAB World Business Debit Card, for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in UAE.

The card offers features and benefits to help SMEs save time and money.

Among the benefits that the card provides include point-of-sale purchase limits and higher cash withdrawal, greater security due to ‘chip and PIN’ transactions that require double-authentication.

FAB World Business Debit Card also provides its users with access to discounts of up to 40% by partner companies in markets ranging from web design to hospitality.

Besides the new features, the card also offers the regular Mastercard features including travel discounts, dining offers and insurance coverage.

FAB World Business Card

FAB head of the business banking group Vikas Thapar said: “With SMEs being such an important part of the UAE’s economy, the FAB World Business Debit card provides the support and financial flexibility entrepreneurs need to achieve their goals.

“The launch of this card marks the latest chapter in our quest to cater to the unique and continually evolving needs of each customer segment. Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and this launch is another example of our commitment to them.”

Mastercard general manager in UAE Girish Nanda said: “At Mastercard, we prioritise creating products and services which cater to the evolving needs of our customers and regional businesses. For SMEs, this means developing products that enable their financial mobility and further enhance their financial wellbeing and security.

“The launch of the World Business Debit card is hence a natural step forward in that direction, creating greater financial flexibility and convenience for SMEs, who continue to be the key drivers of the UAE economy.”