Experian and its global corporate clients will gain instant access to up-to-date corporate verification data on over 120 million companies globally via Kyckr platform’s unified API.

This replaces the need for complex manual processes. Moreover, it accelerates the verification and onboarding of customers and suppliers, wherever they are in the world.

Kyckr says that it provides its customers and partners with real-time access to aggregated corporate Know Your Customer (KYC) data from over 300 company registries and primary regulated sources around the world.

This data allows companies to better understand their customers and suppliers. In turn, this minimises exposure to commercial risk and helps prevent crimes such as money laundering and ensuring regulatory compliance.

The Kyckr platform removes the need for direct manual search. This accelerates the onboarding of new clients and suppliers.

Building trusted relationships quickly, making sound business decisions

Ian Henderson, CEO of Kyckr, said, “Corporate KYC isn’t only a matter of preventing financial crime and regulatory compliance. Fundamentally it’s about building trusted relationships quickly and making sound business decisions. As the global marketplace becomes ever more interconnected and complex, verifying customers and suppliers is becoming a significant business bottleneck. And it’s exposing companies to unnecessary risk. Through our integration, Experian’s customers will now be able to instantly validate a company’s ownership structure. Thus, minimising manual processes and delays to onboarding.”
“Experian’s mission is to increase access to fair and affordable credit for businesses of all sizes,” said Brian Bond, Senior Vice President of Product, Marketing and Strategy for Experian’s Business Information Solutions. “Our combined data insights with Kyckr can help further our clients’ access to real-time business verification information on their customers and suppliers. This accelerates an efficient onboarding process while at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance.”