Collinson is forming Collinson Valuedynamx to disrupt and drive innovation where data, payments, technology and rewards intersect.

Moreover, the new Collinson business unit aims to deliver substantial benefits to all members of the ecosystem. Specifically, Collinson Valuedynamx will target consumers, retailers and merchant partners and client loyalty programmes.

Collinson currently works with more than 5,000 retailers and merchant partners and over 90 airline and 20 hotel group partners.

As a result, Collinson Valuedynamx leverages the size and scale of Collinson’s £1bn turnover with 2,100 staff in 13 markets.

What Is Collinson Valuedynamx?

Valuedynamx unites existing market leading commerce and card linking capabilities to focus on a single mission. That is to create and grow mutually valuable relationships. Collinson says that consumers will personalised rewards and timely offers from a wide selection of retailers and merchants that are easy to access and use. This will increase the everyday relevance of programmes, with more opportunities to earn and redeem points, miles and currency.

Loyalty and customer programmes in the travel and financial services sectors will drive deeper brand engagement and programme connection. That means greater insight into consumer behaviour, with more streamlined ways to track spend and create lasting, profitable relationships. Financial institutions will be able to drive card preference and spend.

At the same time, airlines and hotels can expand rewards access to drive everyday consumer engagement.

Meantime, retailers and merchant partners will benefit from targeted marketing and permission-based access to millions of affluent customers. Furthermore, this includes high-net-worth airline and hotel programme members and financial institution customers.